Why Is Ford So Popular? A Short History of the Famous Ford Motor Company

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At any given point when you're driving down the street, if you can look around, it won't take you long to spot a Ford. In fact, according to USA Today, Ford stands out as the most popular automaker in the United States.

But, what makes Ford popular?

How did one of the most iconic car companies in America get its start and transform into the brand we know and love today?

Keep reading for a closer look at the history of the famed Ford…

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An Overview of the 2020 Ford Mustang

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The Ford Mustang has set the bar for “pony” cars since its debut as a 1964 1/2 model. In fact, the term pony car wouldn’t exist without the Mustang.

We’re a long way from the mid–1960s though. Most people think of that as the classic muscle car era but there’s never been a hotter time for muscle and pony cars than right now.

Especially for Mustang fans.

Let’s look at the 2020 Ford Mustang lineup and you’ll see what…

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Fall in Love with the 2020 Ford Fusion

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The Ford Fusion has been around since 2006. Over the last 14 years, the exterior style has evolved and the interior has adapted to changes in technology.

While Ford is shifting their lineup to focus on SUVs and trucks, they're not giving up on the Fusion just yet.

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