Exploring the Benefits: Why You Should Buy a Ford Explorer


In 2018, car makers and dealerships in the United States sold more than 17 million vehicles. What's more, over two-thirds of these sales were for SUVs and trucks.

The Ford F-Series, after having sold 909,330 units, remains the best-selling pick-up truck. And while the Ford Explorer line didn't sell as much, it still concluded 2018 with 227,732 sold units.

But there's no doubt about it -- SUVs are becoming more popular…

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Read This Before You Buy: The Top Tips for Buying a Used Truck


Did you know that when you buy a new car that same car can be worth as little as 40% of its original price after five years?

It's no wonder that more people are looking at their options between a used or a new vehicle.

Are you thinking about buying a used truck?

Before you make the purchase, keep reading to learn the top tips for buying a used truck.


Best Axle Layout

Trucks have different axle layouts depending on the load you will be carrying. If you're going to be towing long distances through difficult terrains, then…

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