Your Choice for Used Ford Vehicles in Milan, TN and Beyond

At Steve Marsh Ford, alongside our exciting inventory of new vehicles, we also have an attractive selection of used cars and trucks at very competitive prices. Buying pre-owned at the premier Ford dealership means greater selection and security for you, plus the reputation, advantages, and extras only an authorized dealer can offer.

Used Vehicle Inventory

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Three Benefits of Buying Used From a Ford Dealer

Buying a pre-owned vehicle from Steve Marsh Ford offers certain advantages that should not be overlooked.

  1. Value-adding extras, like extended warranty or tire rotation, that a private seller simply cannot offer
  2. More and better financing options-lenders often decline to finance private sales
  3. Access to professional help and assistance if something goes wrong after the sale, which a private seller likely cannot or will not give

Spotting a Great Used Car

Always examine prospective cars in broad daylight. Look for smooth, even-toned, rust-free paint. Raised spots could indicate that there is rust underneath. Check for a snug, squeak-free fit on windows, doors, and body panels. Under the hood, with the engine off, touch-test hoses, belts, and other mechanical parts. Check for clean contents in fluid reservoirs. Lights and switches should all function, and the engine should start smoothly. Ask the dealer about any irregularities you notice. For extra support and a second opinion, test-drive with a car-savvy pal.

Finding a Used Truck

In addition to the pointers above, check all around and underneath the truck bed for a dry, rust-free body. Make sure all the wiring is intact and that the parts are genuine Ford. Start the truck, listening for knocks or noises, and then you and a friend should test-drive all the truck's functions. If everything looks and feels right, ask the dealer to make an offer!

At Steve Marsh Ford, we've built a 29-year reputation in Milan on outstanding service, selection, and customer satisfaction. That reputation stands behind every pre-owned vehicle we sell. Check out our inventory online, then come down to South First Street to see why we're the Jackson area's first choice for everything Ford! Contact us today!