Ford MyKey


What is MyKey and How Does It Work?

It's becoming clear in recent years that Ford is the brand to beat when you're looking for safe cars for teenagers. Ford's vehicles are created to keep everyone safe, from infants to the elderly, but features like MyKey are especially relevant for teen drivers. There are four primary features offered by Ford MyKey to help young drivers form great habits.

Seatbelt Reminders

Some cars might beep for a few seconds to remind the driver that their seatbelt isn’t fastened. Ford takes this up a notch to make sure everyone is safely buckled in. A chime will sound for six out of every 30 seconds until the seatbelts are applied, and the driver won’t be able to use the audio system until all front-seat passengers are secured.

Maximum Speed Settings

You can set a top speed for each driver using MyKey. The maximum speed options are 65, 70, 75, and 80 miles per hour. When this setting is activated, there is no way for the driver to override it. No combination of flooring the pedal or using cruise control will allow the car to reach speeds over the designated maximum. Additionally, chimes can sound at 45, 55, and 65 MPH to let the driver know when they start to accelerate. There’s no way for the speed to accidentally creep up without the driver noticing. This feature has saved some teens from very costly speeding tickets and dangerous situations!

Radio Limits and Parental Controls

SiriusXM Satellite Radio is one of the many great technologies offered by Ford. It gives the driver abundant radio stations, including some explicit ones. Use MyKey to make sure your teen doesn’t hear anything they shouldn’t while they’re on the road. You can also limit the maximum volume output of the speakers.

More Proactive Fuel Warnings

Your teen has a lot to keep in mind during those first few years of driving. Help them remember to fill up the gas tank by using the low fuel warning feature. This is perfect for drivers who aren’t used to watching the fuel gauge yet. The car provides a warning when there are 75 miles left in the tank instead of the standard warning, which only allows 50 miles of leeway to get gas in the tank.

Ford Dealership in Milan, TN

Come visit Steve Marsh Ford in Milan, Tennessee to test drive vehicles with Ford MyKey technology. Your teen will love our cars, and you'll love knowing your teen is driving safely and responsibly. 

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