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So... you've purchased your dream care and are enjoying cruising up and down the local highways.

You purchased it in perfect condition. Now comes the hard part... keeping it that way.

Keeping your car smelling fresh can keep your confidence in the car and improve the overall driving experience. Not to mention that you won't be hesitant to give your date or friends a ride somewhere.

Turns out there are several tremendous options and hacks to keep your car smelling fantastic and refreshing.

Here's how to keep your car smelling new long after you've purchased it and have used it each day.

1. Dryer Sheets

You might be thinking "Wait a minute... I thought I was reading an article on how to keep my car clean..."

Hold your judgment for a second. Turns out that dryer sheets can be a tremendous option for keeping your car smelling clean.

Some air freshening options actually provide too much smell at once. The scent is almost so overpowering that it smells bad. Not to mention, they aren't helping your car smell new. They smell like you're trying to cover up a smell.

Meanwhile, dryer sheets can provide you a fresh scent that you'll enjoy as you sit down into your car. Better yet, it may last several months before needing to switch it out.

The smell of the dryer sheet doesn't just cover up a bad smell, it replaces it. 

Simply purchase a box of dryer sheets and place them in a strategic area of your car. Most people place it under their seat.

It will provide a smell that you notice when you first get into the car. What's better than starting your morning commute than the smell of a spring meadow?

2. Clean the Air Vents

Over time, every car gets to a point where it begins to smell a bit funky. In fact, there are some cases where it begins to have a "dirty" smell to it.

Turns out... that's because it is a dirty smell that's coming from your dirty air vents.

The air vents gain bacteria and germs in them just through normal usage. The dirt starts to build up in it over time.

Instead of continuously covering up the smell and burning through thousands of air fresheners, just attack the source. In other words: clean out the dirt from the air vents.

Use something small like cotton swabs to reach the outside of the air vents and clean up some of the dust as well.

Also, be sure to replace your cabin air filter. Many people don't realize these need to be replaced. It could be the main reason for your car's bad smell in the first place.

Maybe you don't feel like doing this yourself. If so, you can always take it to a service at a dealership for a thorough cleaning and filter replacement.

3. Essential Oils

Maybe you don't just like the clean smell of a new car, you like for a few extra scents to be added on.

However, you also don't want to overwhelm you and your passenger's nose with a scent that's way too strong. 

Turns out, there's an easy way to hit the "Goldilocks" scent that you're going for. It comes via essential oils. Place them in a clay disc in your car. As soon as the clay absorbs the oil, it's ready to provide a fresh smell to your car for months.

The best part is that essential oils are also very healthy for you. They play a huge role in aromatherapy, so you'll receive benefits such as cleaning your respiratory system and psychological perks as well.

If you're looking for a way to clear your mind and have your car smell good during your morning commute, essential oils are the answer you've been looking for!

4. Baking Soda

Ah, yes... Baking soda. The home remedy for almost any problem that you have in your everyday life. Is it any surprise that baking soda can help with your car smell issue?

So you tried to clean the air vents. While that helped a little bit, there's still a bit of a weird smell in your car.

The second most likely culprit of your car funk is the upholstery. Smells can get trapped in it, so you'll want to clean it out every so often.

One DIY way to do it is by applying baking soda to the floors, car seats, and floor mats. Let it sit for a few hours with all the doors closed and then vacuum up the baking soda afterward.

Be sure that all surfaces are dry before adding the baking soda. Otherwise it won't be able to be vacuumed up.

5. Get Your Car Detailed

Sometimes you just can't beat the service and professional touch of getting your car detailed. 

Doing so will keep your car smelling as fresh and new as it did on the day you purchased it from the dealer.

You can also detail it yourself to refrain from paying high prices at the carwash. Do whatever you prefer!

How to Keep Your Car Smelling New: Take Proper Care of It

The best practice of how to keep your car smelling new will always be adopting healthy car care habits.

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