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It doesn’t matter whether you are purchasing a brand new 2021 Ford or seeking out the benefits of a used F150, having the benefits of FordPass at your fingertips is a feature you will love.

If you are thinking the last thing you want is another app on your phone, think again. Once you start using the FordPass app, you won’t know how you managed without it.

FordPass Connect

When you purchase a new Ford vehicle you automatically receive the SYNC 3 infotainment screen, along with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay as standard features. The FordPass Connect operates using an onboard modem that is connected with your cell phone when you purchase the automobile.

One feature of FordPass Connect is a 4G WiFi hotspot for up to ten (10) devices. When using satellite navigation you will receive traffic updates and automatic re-routing dependent on traffic conditions. Operating in tandem with the FordPass app, you are able to have information automatically transferred to the navigation system, such as points of interest and gas station locations.

When you have a computer connection with your vehicle through a smartphone application, you have the world in your hands. Offered in both the Apple App Store and Google Play makes this program available to everyone. Let's take a look at how it will make your life easier.

1. Find and Pay Parking

Whether you are traveling in a city you don’t know or a heavily congested area in your own backyard, the parking feature of this application makes attending a concert, festival, or any other area easy. Find parking areas in the area you will be visiting, check out the options and prices, and then reserve your spot.

2. Never Run Out of Gas

Traveling sometimes leaves you in a situation where you need a gas station but don’t know where to find the closest one. With FordPass you will be able to locate the nearest service station. The information includes the type of fuel available and the price per gallon.

If you find yourself in need of roadside service for anything from running out of gas, a flat tire, or more, simply use your FordPass app to get the help you need.

3. Remote Start and Vehicle Check

You may live in a cold, snowy climate or where it is hot and humid. Either situation can make the temperature in your vehicle uncomfortable. With the FordPass remote start, you can easily start your car using your cell phone, experiencing the luxury of a remote start without the expense of having an aftermarket unit installed.

Another great feature is the lock/unlock feature. Maybe one of your kids left something in the vehicle and needs access. No need to give them the keys, just use your phone to give them access, then make sure the vehicle is securely locked using FordPass.

4. Know Your Vehicles Service Needs

Maybe you are sitting at home and can’t remember if you have enough gas to get to work tomorrow. No need to worry, FordPass allows you to check the level of fuel in your vehicle. You are also able to check the current mileage, tire pressure, and receive diagnostic alerts.

FordPass will notify you when it is time for routine maintenance on the vehicle. You can even schedule a service appointment using the application

5. FordPass Rewards

You may be familiar with Owner Advantage Rewards (OAR). Those have been converted and are now FordPass Rewards.

When you sign up with FordPass, you are able to receive Perks for participating in different activities on the application. Complete your profile and receive Perks. Earn badges like you do when playing video games for completion of activities.

The points you earn in FordPass can be turned into discount services at your Ford dealership. FordPass Rewards Points may be used for purchasing accessories, paying for service, or used toward the purchase or lease of a new vehicle. Earning points is easy with all these options:

·         Purchase Omnicraft™ or Motorcraft® parts and any labor associated with those parts at participating Ford dealerships

·         Purchase or lease a new Ford vehicle from a participating dealer and receive 42,000 points toward complimentary maintenance

·         Activate and maintain a FordPass Connect modem

·         Joint FordPass Rewards within sixty (60) days of purchasing your vehicle

·         Have your automobile serviced at a participating dealership

·         Select a preferred dealer

·         Complete a digital brand experience, such as a survey

·         When you purchase a Ford Blue Advantage vehicle you will receive 22,000 points (Gold Certified) or 11,000 points (Blue Certified) after enrollment and within sixty (60) days of purchasing a vehicle

You will earn ten (10) FordPass Reward points for every dollar ($1.00) you spend on eligible purchases at any participating dealership. You also receive ten (10) points for every dollar ($1.00) spent on Motorcraft® or Omnicraft™ parts and associated labor. No points are received for the purchase of non-Ford parts and service.

There is no cap on how many points you may earn or redeem. To view how many FordPass Rewards you have, look under the account tab on your FordPass app.

Ask an Expert

If you have any questions about your FordPass, there are experts available via live chat or phone. These friendly and knowledgeable experts will go out of their way to help you. They can also assist you in obtaining 24/7 roadside assistance if necessary.

FordPass on Used Vehicles

FordPass Connect is unable to be added retrospectively. When looking at a used vehicle look for the FordPass Connect tile in the settings section.

If you purchase a used vehicle with FordPass Connect, you will need to do a master reset of the SYNC system. Once you perform a reset create an account, which will allow you to utilize all these wonderful features.

How to Connect FordPass

When you are ready to connect to FordPass, the steps are easy:

·         Download the FordPass application from the Apple Store or Google Play

·         Follow the prompts to establish your account

·         Make sure the vehicle is turned off before tapping to add your vehicle

·         Type of scan in your vehicle identification number (VIN)

·         Name your automobile

·         Tap to activate the vehicle

·         Start your car and allow the in-vehicle pop-up.

·         If you are having trouble with the activation, contact FordGuides at (800) 392-3673

If you activate FordPass at the time you are picking up your vehicle, your salesperson or service department may be able to assist you in setting up the system.

Don’t Miss Out on Fun and Convenience

With the FordPass app, convenience is at your fingertips. Test-drive a new or used Ford today and learn what FordPass can do for you.

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