2017 Ford Fusion Updates and Upgrades

Ford engineers have been busy incorporating a number of new features into the 2017 Fusion. Several appealing updates in both design and technology make this vehicle a great choice.


Engineers have provided a slight modification along the lower edge of front headlamps. The Sport, Titanium, and Platinum models also have new LED features, including low, high, and fog beams.

Front Grille

Modifications to the front grille have resulted in a longer, flush grill that blends with the surrounding body. Some models have a black finish while others have a chrome finish.

Shift Lever

This model eliminates the standard vertical shift lever, instead integrating a rotary dial that lets drivers move between park, reverse, neutral, and drive. This design clears the center console for other tech gadgets such as the USB charging port.

Luxury Features

Upgraded trim packages have made their way to the 2017 Fusion. Continuously controlled dampers enhance handling and ride quality.

With these updates to the 2017 Ford Fusion, consumers may find renewed excitement about this vehicle.

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