The 2019 Ford GT already sports the looks and performance to become one of the most famous cars of its time. This supercar is innovative and memorable inside and out. Ford’s deeply held love for the race track helped mold everything from the 2019 GT’s aerodynamic form to its superior performance capabilities.

The 2019 GT will be available in a Heritage Edition, which sports one of the most iconic paint jobs from motorsports history. The Heritage Blue and Orange paint scheme is a celebration of the GT40 from five decades ago. That iconic car won the Le Mans in both 1968 and 1969. Le Mans, named after the French town in which it takes place, is renowned for being the longest-standing active sports car event in endurance racing.

Legendary Inspiration

The 1968 GT is one of a very select group of cars to achieve a repeat feat in the Le Mans event. The American supercar made waves just by beating its European competitors once, and the second consecutive victory practically turned the racing world on its head. The superb combination of style and performance is something petrol heads have been looking for ever since, and now it’s arrived. Speaking of beating Europeans, the body of this car is similar to some legendary European supercars, in a way, but somehow even better.

The famous Gulf Oil racing livery is one of the most highly regarded paint schemes ever. This is both because of its unique and beautiful aesthetics, and because of the unbeatable cars it has adorned. Choosing the style for the 2019 Ford GT exterior puts this beautiful look on yet another unstoppable racing machine.

Optional exposed carbon fiber will feature number nine graphics in 2019 and number six graphics for 2020, for a truly striking appearance. The inside of the 2019 GT Heritage Edition is similarly adorned with one of a kind taste. The colors, materials, and details may be borrowed from in years to come as much as the exterior style has been in years past. Perhaps a nod to the back to back victories at Le Mans, the 2019 GT Heritage Edition will have a two-year long run.

Ford GT Heritage Paint Scheme

The orange color hugs the front bumper, wrapping from one front wheel well to the other, and peaking out again from the brake pads at the back of the front wheels. From the center, it forms a wide stripe that extends down the center of the car, starting at the Ford logo just above the intimidating grille. It passes between two aerodynamically optimized vents in the hood before jumping over the windshield and continuing across the top of the car.

Ford GT Heritage Interior

Much like the rest of this car, the interior exudes old-school class while staying on the cutting edge of decadent comfort. The seats, surfaces, and steering wheel are all wrapped in luxurious ebony black Alcantara. Ford’s attention to detail is evident in every aspect of comfort and style.

2019 Ford GT Soon To Be At a Ford Dealer Near You

The exclusive style of the 2019 Ford GT took 50 years to come back, and there is no telling when another opportunity like this will arise. For a chance to get your hands on a piece of history, contact the knowledgeable and helpful staff at Steve Marsh Ford in Milan, TN. This special edition GT is one of the best sports cars ever made, and now it comes with arguably the most highly regarded racing livery designs ever. If you play your cards right, you may get a chance to drive one for yourself.