The Ford Bronco is one of the most legendary 4x4 vehicles of all time. It was an American icon from the 1960s until the 1990s when it disappeared. Ever since then, some of its biggest fans have been hoping that someday the Ford Bronco would make a return. Those wishes will come true soon when Ford rolls out the new 2020 Bronco.

As we prepare for the arrival of this new editions, we’re reminiscing about the previous generations of Ford Broncos:
  • First Generation: 1966-1977
  • Second Generation: 1978-1979
  • Third Generation: 1980-1986
  • Fourth Generation: 1987-1991
  • Fifth Generation: 1992-1996

First Generation Ford Bronco


The original Bronco was Ford’s response to Jeep. It was designed to be effective anywhere you wanted to drive, but it wasn’t very comfortable. During the first generation of Bronco, the vehicle saw disc brakes become optional in 1976, and then standard in 1977 right before the first redesign. Over the course of this first generation, engine size increased dramatically from a 170 cubic inch inline six-cylinder engine to a 302 cubic inch V8 engine.

The very first Bronco was available in three different looks:

  • Bronco Wagon - This is what people normally think of when they imagine the early Bronco. It had the boxy design and flat top that initially made the vehicle famous.
  • Bronco Half Cab - The half cab looked somewhat like a typical pickup truck, but with a short bed in the back.
  • Bronco Roadster - This option had a very open-air look to give drivers a feeling of freedom on the road, but it wasn’t as popular as the other two early Broncos. It was dropped and replaced with the sport package.

Second Generation Ford Bronco

Wikimedia Commons

It took the Bronco 12 years to get its first redesign, but the change was significant. All Broncos came standard with a V8 engine during the second generation. It introduced the back window that lowered into the tailgate door and created a new icon in the process. In 1978 and 1979, Broncos could retract the rear glass down into the tailgate electronically.

The three-door model became the only option, but a removable hard top still gave drivers plenty of freedom. Drivers could choose between a three-speed C6 automatic transmission or a four-speed manual. Some Bronco fans point out that this model shared a lot in common with the F-100 pickup.

Third Generation Ford Bronco

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The third generation of Broncos got some aesthetic updates, such as the oval Ford logo on the front grille instead of spelling out the brand name. Ford also upgraded the front suspension to a Dana 44 Twin Traction Beam independent system. This gave the Bronco a smoother ride on the road while allowing it to keep its phenomenal off-road ability. The straight-six engine became an option again, in addition to two different V8s. Transmission options were expanded to include a four-speed automatic.

Fourth Generation Ford Bronco

Wikimedia Commons

The Bronco received a significant upgrade to its body for its fourth generation. It kept some semblance of its old boxiness while becoming more aerodynamic. These Broncos also had the advantage of electronic fuel injection starting by 1988. Top speed for this edition was around 100 miles per hour thanks to the 5.0-liter V8 engine.

Fifth Generation Ford Bronco


This is one of the most well-known Broncos today, partially because it is the most recent. Crumple zones, safety belts, a driver side airbag, and a top brake light all made this vehicle much safer. The top could still technically be unbolted and removed, but it was not legal to do so, and no instructions were included in the owner's’ manual. The engine and transmission options remained largely unchanged.

New 2020 Ford Bronco


We don’t know exactly what to expect from the upcoming release of the long-awaited sixth generation Ford Bronco. The design hasn't been finalized, but some teasers from Ford have supplied us with hints that the Bronco should still be extremely boxy. It’s reasonable to expect the superior off-road performance that put this vehicle on the map in the first place. The new Bronco will be a true truck and will be produced in Michigan along with the Ford Ranger.

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