The Ford F-150 Raptor is one of the world’s most capable off-road trucks, and the 2019 model will emphasize characteristics drivers love about past versions of this vehicle. The changes are mostly technological, which means the well-balanced weight of this truck remains primarily unchanged.

There were also some other things that were too good to change, like the high ground clearance and a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 with 450 horsepower.  The engine still sends its power to the same ten-speed automatic transmission for efficient shifting. Even the king of off-road trucks had room for improvement, though.

Performance Improvements for 2019


This high-performance off-road machine will be better on-road in the coming year without sacrificing any of its trail-blazing ability. Ford is including an electronically adaptive suspension from Fox Racing Shox, which will have a positive impact anywhere you take this vehicle. Drivers will notice a refined driving experience on a daily basis.

This improvement is mostly a technological one, as the shock absorbers themselves are similar to what the 2018 model contains. The big difference is that the truck’s computer can use a solenoid (magnetic coil of wire) to reduce external forces that might otherwise jostle the truck.

The 2019 Raptor will use sensors at the front wheels to measure information about the terrain and the resulting height of the truck’s ride. All of this technology combines to create a smoother ride and better handling. The effects carry over to every drive mode of the truck: Normal, Sport, and Off-Road.

For example, when driving on the road, the suspension will tighten up at high speeds, and outside dampers prevent body roll on turns. The suspension will be a little bit looser while off-roading, so the truck will handle well and give a softer response to bumps and obstacles.

The most adventurous drivers will be pleased to learn about the Raptor’s new Jump Mode. The truck’s computer will realize when your front tires have left the ground, and the shocks will adjust in the air to prevent damage upon landing. The shocks will tense up to prevent your truck from bottoming out when the front wheels return to the earth.

Even with all four wheels on the ground, the truck can assess risks and compensate for them proactively. Loud Pedal Mode comes on during periods of heavy throttling and will make significant adjustments to damping force. This allows for aggressive off-road runs with increased safety and handling.

New Trail Control software features help drivers focus on steering while the computer gives added finesse and control. This works as an off-road cruise control that comes into play at speeds up to 20 miles per hour. It helps the driver by automatically optimizing for traction control, power, and even braking. This technology makes the new 2019 Raptor competitive with even the most high-end off-road vehicles on the market.

How Does Trail Control Work?

Trail Control replaces hill-descent control from previous Raptors, and the button is in the same spot. The driver can use cruise control buttons to select a speed from one to 20 mile per hour. This feature works in every driving mode, so drivers have optimal control over their experience. The truck automatically brakes and accelerates to maintain a constant speed as drivers pick their course.

Drivers can keep their eyes on the road without having to check the speedometer to monitor how fast they’re traveling. Ford’s performance engineers added this feature to help the drivers keep focus on their path. Get the wheels where they need to be, and this smart truck will take care of the rest.

Aesthetic Improvements for 2019

Ford has redesigned wheels for the 2019 Raptor to keep the appearance fresh. Drivers will also notice improved lettering on the Raptor’s tailgate to match the grille. To give drivers more color choices, Ford added blue exterior paint to the mix for this year.

The inside got a new look, too, and it also comes with added comfort. Carbon fiber features give a sophisticated and sporty touch to armrests and the front dash. Recaro brand bucket seats will keep passengers comfortable in any condition including the bumpiest off-roading sessions.

Ford Raptor Price

Ford is still figuring out the exact pricing for the upcoming 2019 Raptor. Whatever the price is, Steve Marsh will help drivers out with competitive financing options. Our financing department has strong relationships with lenders and can find solutions for people no matter what their credit history.

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