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Tuscany Motor Co. Teams Up with Harley-Davidson for 2019 Ford F-150

If you are a lover of both pickup trucks and motorcycles, it can be hard to choose which is more iconic; Ford’s F-150 truck or motorcycle brand, Harley Davidson. Thanks to a move that is shaking the automotive industry from top to bottom, it is now possible for you to get the best of both worlds. ? Introducing The Harley Davidson F-150; A special concept truck with recognizable Harley branding on the legendary F-150 SuperCrew…

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Purchase Your New Ford SUV From Steve Marsh Ford

Purchase Your New Ford SUV From Steve Marsh Ford
Steve Marsh Ford has been providing our West Tennessee customers with quality Ford cars, trucks and SUVs for more than 29 years. We've built our reputation by providing our customers with the largest selection of new and used Ford cars, trucks and SUVs and outstanding customer service.

Our top priority is customer service and satisfaction, and we work with our customers to put them in the perfect Ford vehicle to meet their needs.

We understand that purchasing a new vehicle is a major investment and offer our customers a number…
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Up to $6,000 Over KBB Value For Your Trade

Do you feel trapped in your current vehicle?

Many consumers find themselves in a situation where they owe more money on their current vehicle than it is worth. This is called negative equity. Whether you need to trade your vehicle because of mechanical issues, a new child is born, you want better fuel economy, or you just simply want a new ride; negative equity can be a burden.

Here at Steve Marsh Ford, we understand, and can help. Our low overhead cost and high volume of sales puts us in a unique position to help you. Over and over again…
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Automotive Financing

Automotive financing

If you would like a new or pre-owned car to make your life easier but you don't think you can get financing, we have good news for you. We can provide 100 percent financing, so you never need to walk into a bank. 

What You Need to Know About Car Financing

When you want a new Ford car, truck or SUV but you have a low credit score, you may think you don't qualify for financing. However, with 100 percent dealership financing from Steve Marsh, you'll get help to find the type of financing…
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Buying a Cargo, Service, Utility, Step, or Cutaway Van

At Steve March Ford, we understand that buying a service vehicle like a cargo, service, utility, step, or cutaway van is a major business decision. Whether you're considering a single vehicle, or building a commercial fleet, at Steve Marsh Ford we carry a wide selection of 2017 Ford Transit vans. Be it a new Ford Transit Cargo Van or a 2017 Ford Transit Connect Wagon XL, we have plenty of 2017 cargo vans and 2017 Ford wagons on our lot near Jackson, TN.

The 2017 Ford vans are built Ford Tough. No matter what your commercial vehicle requirements are…
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Our Favorite Things

Want to know what our favorite things we got for Christmas? Sure you do! The few of us that have been nice around here got a few awesome gifts. Here's our favorites.

Greg Smith, Sales Team Member
     Best Buy Giftcards

Lenny Cuthbertson, Sales Team Member

Larry Smith, Owner & President
     North Face Jacket

Brian Cook, Sales Manager
    New boots

Jenna Wallace, Internet Manager
   The Big Bang Theory on DVD
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Are you ready for some giveaways

Hello, everyone!

We hope that you all had a wonderful new year! We are all back to normal here at Steve Marsh Ford and are super excited to get the ball rolling on 2012. Today we completely dismantled the remanants of Christmas and we're all back to normal.

Our showroom is now completely back to normal!

We are looking foward to 2012! There will be a lot of changes coming to our internet department this year and we are super excited! We're kicking things off this week with a giveaway! We will ask some questions on our Facebook…
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Welcome to our NEW blog!

To prepare for 2012, Steve Marsh Ford is going big and setting up a new blog! So, let's tell you a little bit about what this blog is going to be all about.

This is the place to see what we're doing here at Steve Marsh Ford. We're just like you -- we celebrate birthdays, holidays and of course, we love great deals!

Bookmark us to see the occasional vlog about what specials we may have going on as well as some things that are just for fun!

We are super excited for 2012 here at Steve Marsh…
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Ford's First Model T: An American Classic

The lineup found at a modern Ford dealer owes everything to the original Model T, America's own "Tin Lizzie." Its high production rate meant that affordable car ownership became possible for generations of Americans.

How and Where Was It Made?

Henry Ford's game-changing assembly line concept made making the Model T a rapid process. Between 1908 and 1927, plants turned out more than 15 million Model T's in Detroit and Highland Park, Michigan as well as in Manchester, England and other parts of Europe.

What Made the Model T So Special?

Ford wanted the car to be…

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