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1996 marks the last year that Ford released the Bronco, the company's iconic midsize SUV. That is, until now. The release of the 2020 Ford Bronco is just around the corner, and auto enthusiasts everywhere are clamoring to see it. 

Wondering what the new version of the Bronco will have to offer? While it's all still speculation at this point, some cursory information about the vehicle has leaked out to the masses. We'll get into the specifics below. 

The Exterior

A mid-size SUV, the Bronco is expected to measure in at 190 inches in length. This is a typical length for a vehicle of its kind. 

Like the Broncos of the past, the 2020 model will feature a boxy, angular, rugged aesthetic. In a world of rounded and sporty SUVs, this is a more-than-welcome alternative.  

Looking for an off-roading vehicle? The Bronco will accommodate you. Featuring a raised bumper, it offers plenty of clearance between its body and the ground. 

There will be both 2 and 4-door models of the Bronco, each of which will be available with a variety of different features. 

The Interior 

The Bronco's interior figures to be rather spacious, sporting two rows of seats and accommodating a total of 5 passengers. Regardless of whether you're sitting in the front or back, legroom should be ample. 

The standard trim will provide ample cargo space, sporting a rear storage area which can be accessed from the interior of the vehicle as well as from a rear hatchback door. The back row of seats will possess split-folding capabilities, not only allowing you additional storage space but making it easier for you to reach into the back of the vehicle. 


It's expected that the Bronco will utilize the same powertrain as the Ranger. The Ranger utilizes a 10-speed automatic transmission as well as an EcoBoost inline-four engine, producing approximately 270 horsepower and around 310 pounds of torque. 

However, there have also been reports that some Bronco trims will possess 6-cylinder engines. If so, these trims will possess approximately 335 horsepower and around 180 pounds of torque. They are also expected to have 10-speed automatic transmissions, though manual transmissions are a possibility in some models. 

All versions of the Bronco will possess 4-wheel-drive, a feature which is necessary for off-road driving purposes. 


The Bronco's platform is a familiar one, as it's the same one you'll find on the Ranger and the Everest. In utilizing the same platform for multiple vehicles, Ford is able to manufacture them faster and distribute them globally with ease. 

This particular platform accommodates a mid-size SUV or truck and is known as the T6. Its use for the Bronco indicates that, in terms of size, the vehicle will be between the Expedition and the Explorer.


While the costs of specific trims are yet to be known, it's believed that the most basic trim will cost somewhere around $30,000. From there, the more features the trim has, the more it will cost. 

It's believed that the Bronco will have 5 trims. These include the base trim, the XLT, the Limited, the Platinum, and the Raptor. Odds are, these trims won't exceed $45,000. 

Rumors About the 2020 Ford Bronco

There are quite a few rumors floating around about the Bronco's specs. While some of these rumors are based on speculation, others of these rumors are backed by fairly concrete evidence. 

The most prominent rumor floating around about the Bronco is that it will contain removable doors and a removable roof. In addition, it is speculated that it will come equipped with a retractable mesh roof, allowing it to operate both roofless and with a sunshade. 

When its primary doors are removed, the Bronco will utilize tube doors. Uniquely, these tube doors will be equipped with airbags, optimizing safety regardless of whether the primary doors have been removed. 

Another rumor floating around is that there will be a version of the Bronco available with a pickup bed. In this version, the pickup bed will be used in lieu of a back hatch. 

The last rumor is the rumor of a hybrid. Ford has been releasing more and more hybrids as of late and there's information to suggest that they could release a hybrid of the Bronco as well. 

There's already a hybrid Explorer in existence. It's stocked with a 3.3-liter V6 engine, a 10-speed automatic transmission, and, of course, an electric motor. Expect the Bronco hybrid to possess a similar powertrain. 

Release Date

This iteration of the Bronco was announced in the former half of 2017. So, this vehicle has been in the works for a while. Unfortunately, this makes its release date a little difficult to predict. 

That being said, Ford executives have stated that it will be released sometime in the latter half of 2020, and more than likely toward the end of that year. It's important to note, though, that its reported release date has been pushed back a few times already. It wouldn't be surprising if it were pushed back again. 

At the present time, you can expect it to be released sometime between September and December 2020. Unless something unforeseen occurs, the vehicle should hit the market before 2021. 

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