Up to $6,000 Over KBB Value For Your Trade

Do you feel trapped in your current vehicle?

Many consumers find themselves in a situation where they owe more money on their current vehicle than it is worth. This is called negative equity. Whether you need to trade your vehicle because of mechanical issues, a new child is born, you want better fuel economy, or you just simply want a new ride; negative equity can be a burden.

Here at Steve Marsh Ford, we understand, and can help. Our low overhead cost and high volume of sales puts us in a unique position to help you. Over and over again we are able to offer our customers more money for their trade than others are willing to pay. We take into consideration many different things when we appraise your vehicle. We do more than just simply look up a book value. Market conditions, vehicle demands, and factory rebates or incentives play a huge role in determining the value of your car or truck. By applying these 3 factors, we are able to offer you more money for your vehicle than just the book value. More money helps to greatly reduce effects of negative equity or eliminate it totally. At this point we are in a much better position with the banks to secure financing for your new vehicle with better finance rates and a payment that fits your budget.

Being fair to our customers by offering you the most money for your trade is just one reason why our business continues to grow year after year. We look forward to serving you soon!    
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