Three Surprising Facts About Henry Ford

Henry Ford revolutionized the automotive industry. His accomplishments often outweigh who he was as a person outside of the corporate realm. Although his success as a leader and innovator are well documented, he was also a man that wore many hats. Hereâ??s a look at three fun facts about the industrial pioneer.

1. He Did Not Invent the Modern Car

Despite popular belief, Henry Ford didnâ??t invent cars with his famous Model T; he just made them affordable and could keep up with the demand thanks to mass production. That is still a significant part of the Ford identity, and many dealerships offer financing options to continue to make cars accessible.

2. â??Fordlandiaâ?? Was an Actual Thing

Soon after he found success with the Ford Motor Company, Henry Ford purchased land in the middle of the Amazon. The purpose was to build a city called â??Fordlandiaâ?? that would be known for providing manufacturers with rubber. However, Fordlandia never became a reality and the land remains vacant.

3. He Wanted World Peace

Most people want world peace, but Henry Ford went after it. In 1915 he began a journey to Europe by sea on a peace mission. The media did not support the idea and called it the â??Ship of Fools.â??

The Triumph of Henry Ford

As the "father of mass production," Henry Ford may always be known for creating the first affordable automobile. Thanks to his creative ideas, today his company is an innovative powerhouse of the automotive industryâ??one that continues to push boundaries and re-invent the wheel.
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