Ford's First Model T: An American Classic

The lineup found at a modern Ford dealer owes everything to the original Model T, America's own "Tin Lizzie." Its high production rate meant that affordable car ownership became possible for generations of Americans.

How and Where Was It Made?

Henry Ford's game-changing assembly line concept made making the Model T a rapid process. Between 1908 and 1927, plants turned out more than 15 million Model T's in Detroit and Highland Park, Michigan as well as in Manchester, England and other parts of Europe.

What Made the Model T So Special?

Ford wanted the car to be affordable and a practical method of transportation. The Model T was also durable, versatile, and easy to maintain. While, for the first few years, Model T's were only available in black, more colors were added later.

The "Tin Lizzie" could reach speeds of around 40Ă¢??45 miles per hour and had a 20 horsepower engine. The 10-gallon fuel tank could be found under the front seat. Since it relied on gravity to reach the engine, the Model T often had to tackle steep inclines backward.

Ask any Ford dealerĂ¢??they will say the Model T was a major milestone in American auto history.

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