Celebrities Who Love Ford Mustangs

The original mustangs, wild horses that broke away from their masters, are a symbol of an unbridled American spirit. The Ford Mustang embodies that unbroken spirit, which explains why it's so popular with celebrities. Here are a few celebs who have owned one of these luxury cars.

Charlie Sheen

This Hollywood bad boy has owned several Mustangs, including a gorgeous 1966 GT. In 2011, he auctioned it off for charity; it garnered a whopping $300,000!

Jim Morrison

The Doors front man drove a รข??67 Shelby GT 500, a gift from Elektra records, which was reportedly the only car the entertainer ever owned. According to the Morrison mythos, the car disappeared after an accident and has never resurfaced.

Jay Leno

This former late night host is a well-known car collector. Among his prized collection of luxury cars is a well maintained 1965 Shelby 350 GT.

President Bill Clinton

President Clinton bought a 1967 Mustang convertible that he drove when he was Governor of Arkansas. It was clearwater aqua with a white rag top, and he has said it was the toughest thing to leave behind when he moved into the White House.
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